[Dnsmasq-discuss] HA Cluster - IPv6 router adv lifetime of 0

Jochen Demmer jochen at winteltosh.de
Sat Oct 2 08:28:16 UTC 2021


I've been trying to develop my own kind of firewall solution named nftwall which uses nftables as packet filter and is being managed centrally by Ansible - no webGUI.

My first attempt was to use dnsmasq but then I found out of this obstacle. I've been thinking about switching to KEA + radvd but actually I would like to keep using dnsmasq.
I manage my VRRP IPs with keepalived. There are small scripts for an event of a primary - secondary change. Especially in an event of controlled switch of primary - secondary I would like the primary dnsmasq to send a lifetime of 0 in the router advertisement package. That way the clients know that this router shall not be used any more.

Please confirm my findings that this is currently not possible with dnsmasq. If so please accept my feature request to implement that.

Jochen Demmer
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