[Dnsmasq-discuss] Domain specific TTL control options

tobias+dnsmasq at trds.de tobias+dnsmasq at trds.de
Thu Oct 7 10:29:09 UTC 2021


it would be useful (at least for me), to have a "min-cache-ttl" variant
that's no affecting all but only very specific domains, e.g.:


Afaik dnsmasq treats this generally as domain suffixes for matching,
which I dislike. I think for this this in particular but also e.g. for
"address" it would be useful to be able to not match only suffixes but
also single addresses, e.g. restricting the TTL of "example.net" but not
"www.example.net". Given that it almost looking like an regexp, what
about this for single domain matching:


(Just kidding, that syntax would probably cause confusion, but single
domain matching would still be nice.)

The same could apply for "neg-ttl", "max-ttl" and "max-cache-ttl" I assume.



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