[Dnsmasq-discuss] Proxy DHCP support for IPv6

Daniel Juarez Gonzalez daniel.juarez.gonzalez at cern.ch
Fri Oct 8 12:09:31 UTC 2021


We currently have a setup that uses the proxy-DHCP capabilities of 
dnsmasq to make use of our central DHCP server, which another team takes 
care of. So far it has been working flawlessly, but we have plans to add 
support to IPv6 to our setup. Our main problem is that this proxy mode 
is not supported on IPv6, are there any plans on adding this given support?

    Ref. https://thekelleys.org.uk/dnsmasq/docs/dnsmasq-man.html

    For IPv4, the <mode> may be *proxy* in which case dnsmasq will
    provide proxy-DHCP on the specified subnet. (See *--pxe-prompt* and
    *--pxe-service* for details.)

    For IPv6, the mode may be some combination of *ra-only, slaac,
    ra-names, ra-stateless, ra-advrouter, off-link.*

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