[Dnsmasq-discuss] where is the log file?

threaded gypsy@iswest.com
Thu, 02 Jun 2005 19:12:07 -0700

Cory Riddell wrote:
> I have edited my /etc/dnsmasq.conf file and uncommented the
> log-queries line. I restarted dnsmasq but all that I see in my
> /var/log/messages file is a notification that dnsmasq was restarted.
> nslookup's on other machines in the network show that the dnsmasq
> machine is providing the results, but the dnsmasq machine is not
> logging anything.
> Am I looking in the wrong place for the log? Do I need to specify
> something else  in the dnsmasq.conf file?
> Cory

By default, dnsmasq logs daemon.debug.  In /etc/syslog.conf look for debug to
see which log file and where located.

I dislike daemon.debug so I changed src/config.h to configure logging as
local1.debug, then I added
local1.*	/var/log/DNSmasq
to the end of syslog.conf (and restarted the syslog daemon).

I don't have the original lines from config.h but here's what is there now:
#ifdef LOG_LOCAL0
#  define DNSMASQ_LOG_FAC(debug)  (debug) ? LOG_DAEMON : LOG_LOCAL1
#  define DNSMASQ_LOG_FAC(debug)  LOG_LOCAL1