[Dnsmasq-discuss] disable PMTU discovery

Bodo Bellut bodo at bellut.net
Fri Jan 25 04:13:22 GMT 2008


> >>>For another PXE client I have to disable PMTU discovery on the machine 
> >>>running dnsmasq (known Intel LANDesk problem). Do you think there's a 
> >>>solution to this without globally disabling PMTU discovery?


> Ok, test29 in the usual place. This sets the option for DHCP and TFTP 
> sockets. Bodo, could you check that it works OK with your broken Intel 
> clients?

I finally found the time to test this and it works wonderfully. 
Intel LANDesk 0.99b clients fly with this (as long as the TFTP server is 
at the same IP as the DHCP server) without a problem.
Thanks a lot for your work, it made my life a bit easier. ^_^

cu, Bodo
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