[Dnsmasq-discuss] dnsmasq isn't happy when log file reaches 2GB?

Paul Chambers bod at bod.org
Fri Mar 28 00:34:32 GMT 2008

Does dnsmasq have a problem when the file it's logging to reaches two 

dnsmasq just stopped answering requests. After restarting dnsmasq, and 
checking a few of the obvious things, I took a look at the log file, to 
find it had grown to 2GB (exactly). When I stopped dnsmasq, truncated 
the file and restarted it, all was well again.

My dnsmasq.log file wasn't being rotated, because of a dumb typo. It's 
been growing for a while...

Not a bug that'll occur on a correctly-maintained system ;) though I 
must admit I appreciate software that lets me know what new ways I've 
found to be an idiot... there are so many ways to be an idiot, and I 
always appreciate hints about the particular combination I've stumbled upon.

This was with 2.41rc2 (just reminded me to build & install the final 
2.41), running on Fedora Core 8.


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