[Dnsmasq-discuss] dnsmasq and OpenDNS shortcuts

Nick Stenning nick at whiteink.com
Thu Apr 10 12:20:07 BST 2008

Dear list,

I use dnsmasq on my home network to make life easier when referring to
other computers on the network. It works brilliantly.

Away from home, I use OpenDNS's shortcuts facility to make life easier
when trying to get to webpages that I either use all the time or that
have long URLs. For those who don't use OpenDNS, it allows you to type
"wiki" in the address bar of a browser and get redirected to wikipedia
... it achieves this by resolving unqualified single-word domain names
to its own servers, which then handle the redirection.

My problem is that at home, I can't find any suitable way to combine
dnsmasq with the use of OpenDNS shortcuts. My config (DNS sections
only) is at the bottom of the message, for reference, but things I've
tried include:

1) disabling the domain-needed option. This is obviously an important first step

2) Getting rid of my domain=# line .. well, this kind of works, but it
means two things: a) the fully qualified name of my router is resolved
to network clients as (unsurprising, but unhelpful) and b)
my clients don't receive fully qualified names.

So, to clarify. What I'd really like is for dnsmasq to resolve
single-word domain names to the address of the server it's running on,
but *only* if there's an appropriate entry with that name in
/etc/hosts (or specified otherwise in the config file). Otherwise, I'd
like it to pass the request on up to the OpenDNS servers.

I've had a look through the list archive but can't find anything on
this subject. Any ideas will be greatly appreciated.


# Configuration file for dnsmasq.


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