[Dnsmasq-discuss] New to list and Question

Wayne Sherman wsherman at gmail.com
Wed Apr 23 13:49:11 BST 2008

Simon Kelley wrote:
> Jorge Bastos wrote:
>> Everything working as expected, but now I have one situation that I don't
>> know if anyone already had.
>> Since the machines in the network do NT auth against a w3k server, now that
>> the dns server that I'm sending in the dhcp config isn't the DNS server from
>> the w3k server it takes a lot of time to log in.
> ...
> Assuming all the queries are to a particular domain, you can forward
> them to the w3k server with something line
> server=/domain.that.windows.uses/<IP of w3k server>

I am using dnsmasq sitting in front of a win2003 server and it works 
fine for us, make sure you DO NOT use "filterwin2k".  Some other entries 
in my config file:


# Send microsoft-specific option to tell windows to release the
# DHCP lease when it shuts down.
# Code 02, Len 04, Data 00 00 00 01

# Samba recommended
dhcp-option=option:ip-forward-enable,0	# option ip-forwarding off

# Send microsoft-specific option to Disable netbios over tcp
# (use direct hosting)
# Code 01, Len 04, Data 00 00 00 02

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