[Dnsmasq-discuss] Possible to set search in resolv.conf to more than one?

Michael Perkonigg michael.perkonigg at liland.at
Wed May 21 17:29:03 BST 2008

/dev/rob0 wrote:
> On Tue May 20 2008 10:13:52 Michael Perkonigg wrote:
>> I wonder if it is possible to set the value of search in resolv.conf
>> to more than one domain.
> This is not a dnsmasq matter, it is handled by your system resolver 
> libraries. See resolver(5) or resolv.conf(5).

I meant if there is a way to tell the dhcp-config to tell the resolver 
to set two search domains.
dhclient seems to set the search directive to the value of domain from 
the dnsmasq.conf file.

>> My scenario is as following:
>> I have a real domain with DMZ server and a local NAT subnet. I would
>> like to provide my local NAT net with a seperate DNS (the real subnet
>> has one). The NAT net has a different domain now (like
>> 'localdomain'). Is there a way to configure the dnsmasq so I can
>> reach the external (but company-internal) servers without having to
>> use fully-qualified names?
> Sure, you could put entries in /etc/hosts for the DMZ hosts.

Could you give an example please?
I tried to set my hosts file this way:

My DMZ-box is DMZ1
My DMZ domain is example.com
the internal NAT domain is localnet

The hosts file has entries like DMZ1.example.com DMZ1

It is possible now to use dig or host to get an IP but ping or ssh would 
resolve DMZ1 to DMZ1.localnet and would not get an IP for that.
I would have to set the search directive in resolv.conf through the dhcp 
of dnsmasq to search=localnet, example.com.

That's why I asked for that.

I could of course set the hosts file to: DMZ1.example.com DMZ1 DMZ1.localnet
but a ping would show DMZ1.localnet as a result.

If there is any other suggestion what I could try I would be happy.

Thanks in advance,

>> I got another problem too, I set the NTP option in dnsmasq.conf but
>> the debug output of my dhclient doesn't show it.
> No idea about that. My client (dhcpcd) works fine with the 
> dnsmasq-assigned ntp.conf.
>> Oh, version is 2.35 on Debian etch.

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