[Dnsmasq-discuss] Help Req: Name server discovery

gypsy gypsy at iswest.com
Sat May 31 18:38:49 BST 2008

Does anyone have suggestions for finding name servers?

After spending all morning running dig, I'm frustrated.  For example, I
stumbled across "orange.rr.com", which contains name servers for Time
Warner Cable customers in Orange County California.  But I don't know
what domain to use for TWC customers in Los Angeles County and I don't
know how to find out except to ask for name resolution on every
conceivable IP address in likely netblocks.

One might expect that a question posed to technical support or a search
of TW's web site might prove productive, but "No Joy".

If anyone can provide syntax /content for dig commands, or a script, or
anything else helpful, please post.  I believe many people in this group
would be interested.

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