[Dnsmasq-discuss] Problem with multiple Local Domains

web1-nospam at hst.me.uk web1-nospam at hst.me.uk
Wed Jun 11 22:59:19 BST 2008


This is my first email to this list, so please be gentle! :)

I've just upgraded my Ubuntu Server from 7.04 to 8.04 and consequently
DNSMasq has updated to version "2.41-2Ubuntu1" acording to Synaptic
Package manager.

In my config file I had a line with multiple local domains - e.g.:

local=/domain.name.one/ /domain.name.two/ /localhost/

When the upgrade tried to restart the updated DNSMasq, DNSMasq failed to
restart.  I have tried editing this line and it seems that if there is
one domain listed it works fine, but with multiple domains listed,
DNSMasq won't start.

Is this a fault with my config, or has this feature become broken?

Thanks in advance.

Stephen Roberts
web1-nospam at hst.me.uk
(do not de-mung the email address - it's valid!)

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