[Dnsmasq-discuss] Single-file config

Johan Vromans jvromans at squirrel.nl
Tue Jul 6 07:03:34 BST 2010

Jan Psota <jasiu at kkfsa.pl> writes:

> What about single option to turn on serving names for all hosts
> specified in dhcp-host lines (files) even though the didn't ask for
> an address yet (are turned off for example)?
> "static-ip-dns" or "static-dhcp-dns"?

That would be a nice feature. dns-use-dhcp-hosts?

> I use a script to keep /etc/hosts in sync with
> (dhcp-hostsfile=)/etc/dnsmasq.hosts because I want to be able to
> ping/nmap any statically DHCPed machine.

I maintain a small database of systems and generate the DNS/DHCP info.
It used to generate dhcp.conf, named.conf, domain, doman.rev but now
it generates dnsmasq.conf, dnsmasq_dhcp and dnsmasq_hosts. Still the
generated files need to be distributed to there's always a possibility
of the _hosts and _dhcp files to get out of sync.

On a aside note: dnsmasq can poll /etc/resolv.conf for updates, why
not poll the other relevant files (see SIGHUP) as well?

-- Johan

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