[Dnsmasq-discuss] Mutliple Subnets - Different Servers - Chaining

Lord_Devi lorddevi at gmail.com
Tue Jul 13 22:30:05 BST 2010

I appologize the delay in my reply, but the past couple of days have
been hectic ones for me. In response to Sergei Zhirikov's suggestion of
using a dhcp relay agent on Subnet 1B, I think that is exactly the way
to go! Indeed it was the first thing I looked at. However I was
previously unaware of such functionality and had to wiki the definition.
I then read what I could of course in the dnsmasq manpage, and googled
for a while. However I find it easiest to learn from examples, and was
not able to find any such examples. Just references and vague
explainations on how to use it.

Trying to setup a relay was beyond my ability.. even though it seemed to
me the simplest explaination. If someone could provide me with an
EXAMPLE of what a dnsmasq relay configuration might look like for my
Subnet 1B in it's existing configuration there I would be endlessly

In reply to both Brad Morgan and SamLT, I thank you both for your advice
as well. However I am certain my routing tables are configured properly.
The DD-WRT is set to route packets destined for through (The internal nick of the machine hosting
And here is the important part: The virtual machines running on are currently getting a gateway of from my
second dnsmasq machine running on the virtual hosts. In this
configuration the packets are all going where they need to in a nice
tidy manner. However in this lies one of my problems going back to the
dhcp relay! If I were to configure my's dnsmasq to act as a
relay agent, forwarding requests to my DD-WRT router, I would then need
to instruct my DD-WRT's dnsmasq to give client requests from a Gateway of, and not like it
gives to the rest of my network.

I appreciate the advice on setting up my virtual machines to use bridged
devices instead of host only. By the way, I AM using VMWare as well.
(7.1 in fact). However for instructional purposes, I MUST configure
things in such a way as to use Host only networking. Either NAT, or
Bridging them is not an option. (Although I completely agree that it
would simplify things greatly if I could.)

Thank you, all of you, for your help and advice! I feel reassured I am
on the right track being told to use a relay agent instead, as that is
exactly what I had suspected.(It seems the simplest) Now if only I knew
HOW that was done!!

I love dnsmasq, but the documentation(what little there is) really needs
more examples for us laymen to learn from! =)

Have a good day all, Regards,

   Casey Quibell (Lord_Devi)

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