[Dnsmasq-discuss] load balanced dnsmasq?

Mariano Absatz el.baby at gmail.com
Tue Jul 20 00:34:46 BST 2010


is there a way to "load balance" among dnsmasq servers?

I have a network of a half dozen servers (with static IPs which I
write down in /etc/hosts for dnsmasq to publish), plus about 50
computers which get their IP and hostname from dnsmasq and use it to
resolve dns, especifically, to know the IP of the servers and other
PCs with very little "outside" queries... queries to outside dns are
mostly done on behalf of the servers which need to connect to the
outer world.

What's more, for the 50 computers, I have compiled the MAC addresses
and I'm giving them always the same IP/hostname (and no, I can't
configure static IP in every computer).

It seems that every now and then, one of the computers boot and can't
get its own address via DHCP (I see nothing in the dnsmasq log so I
think it may have missed a bunch of DHCP requests from the client at
some point)... other thing that I also see happen is that cilents
query dns and get no answer back...a few moments later, the same query
gets an answer.

I suspect that at some point, dnsmasq can't handle all the requests it
gets (it is running on a busy server... but I also have seen something
similar -dns queries not being answered- on a less busy server).

I'd like to be able to put dnsmasq on 2 or 3 servers and that anyone
of them be able to, at least, resolve dns... ideally, it'd be nice if
it could also handle dhcp requests.

Any suggestions?


Mariano Absatz - El Baby

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