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I recently tried updating my DD-WRT based router (which usesdnsmasq), and unfortunately I ran into quite a fewproblems. It seems to be related to a recent change that forces stop-dns-rebind. This is a good idea, but I need a workaround formy local machines … J.
I have a bit of a strange setup – it’s a longstory, but suffice to say that this is how I need things configured. I have acable modem/router, with a domain inside that (call it lanA).Then I have another router (with its WAN port connected to the cable modem/router,so WAN domain is lanA), which has client machineshanging off it (call this domain lanB).
My issue is that I cannot get names to resolve for lanA when I am in lanB, due tostop-dns-rebind (i.e. it used to work just fine). I’mtrying to figure out how to get this to work, but haven’t had any luck. Ihave tried using the server=/lanA/ andalso rebind-domain-ok=/lanA/, but neither seem towork (and they actually break my internet DNS from lanBalso … L). I also find that .lanB is getting added to nslookup requests in lanA (i.e. xxxx.lanA.lanB), but this could be due to also having expand-hosts included?
Can anyone help me out here?
… Russell
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