[Dnsmasq-discuss] dhcp-broadcast

Tyler Reese tyler.reese at taqua.com
Tue Sep 21 14:51:29 BST 2010

I tried this, but it made no difference.  Should it matter if a dnsmasq configuration option is in dnsmasq.conf or another file?

When I run 'dnsmasq --dhcp-broadcast' from the command line, it works as expected (unconditionally set the broadcast flag, which is what I need).
I also see this line in the log file:
Sep 20 16:59:44 adminportal dnsmasq-dhcp[25074]: 0 broadcast response
No matter how I try to set the option in the configuration file, I don't get a broadcast response.
I don't know the correct syntax for using this option in a configuration file (dnsmasq.conf or any other specified file).

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On Mon, Sep 20, 2010 at 8:39 PM, Tyler Reese <tyler.reese at taqua.com<mailto:tyler.reese at taqua.com>> wrote:
I'm trying to use this option to force the broadcast bootp flag to be set on bootp replies.  The only way I am able to make it work is to run 'dnsmasq --dhcp-broadcast' from the command line.  I want the dhcp-broadcast option to be used unconditionally.

I haven't found the correct way to add dhcp-broadcast to dnsmasq.conf in order to achieve the same thing.

In dnsmasq.conf, I have tried:

After making the change, I restart dnsmasq.  Neither one is making the broadcast bit get set, but again, it does work when I run dnsmasq from the command line.  What am I missing?  This is on dnsmasq-2.55.

I'm going to throw out a WAG that you're not editing the right dnsmasq.conf file.

Does forcing dnsmasq to read a particular config file using the -C command line option make any difference?

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