[Dnsmasq-discuss] Dnsmasq hard limit

Gabriel Dungan gjdunga at dstaftn.net
Mon Sep 27 12:59:53 BST 2010


I've been looking at dnsmasq and pushing to my peers as a replacement for a
custom distro. The Distro is currently using dnsmasq for dns proxy caching
but not as a dhcp daemon. The question that comes up, is if the Hard limit
you talk about in the faq is an actual hard limit, or by the use of the
flag, one is able to set it to a higher limit.

I know that your earlier versions were locked to 100, the default now is
1000, and the verbiage suggests it's settable to anything one could need.

I know the idea of dnsmasq is to provide services for the smaller market.
However there was a concern that if some one had a medium to large business
used our distro, if they had 2000 client machines, it wasn't going to
bomb..  (Hardware, memory, disk space, et al aside)

Would you mind going thru that, and letting me know your opinion on such,
and what the "Hard" limit is..


Gabriel Dungan
gjdunga at dstaftn.net
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