[Dnsmasq-discuss] Segfault when dhcp-lease-max reached

Tsachi tsachi.kimel at gmail.com
Thu Apr 11 12:56:13 BST 2013

I am working with dnsmasq 2.61 and came across a potential issue:

Connecting with a 3rd client when dhcp-lease-max is set to 2 (for example),
causes dnsmasq to exit with segfault.
Looking at the code, it seems that the lease_allocate might return a NULL
pointer which then can be referenced in lease4_allocate.
This code looks the same in v2.65

struct dhcp_lease *lease_allocate(void)
  struct dhcp_lease *lease;
  if (!leases_left || !(lease = whine_malloc(sizeof(struct dhcp_lease))))
    return NULL;

struct dhcp_lease *lease4_allocate(struct in_addr addr)
  struct dhcp_lease *lease = lease_allocate();
  lease->addr = addr;


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