[Dnsmasq-discuss] warning: `dnsmasq' uses 32-bit capabilities (re-visited)

Simon Kelley simon at thekelleys.org.uk
Fri Jun 7 21:44:13 BST 2013

On 07/06/13 10:33, Nick Warne wrote:
> I am confused about this warning, as the changelog states it is fixed from wayback 2.4.x.
> Now, dnsmasq works fine, but running a AMD64 produces this warning no matter what I do.
> I thought it was due to /usr/include holding the system GLIBC kernel headers (mine are 2.6.4), and my current kernel is 3.9.4.
> So, I installed 3.9.4 headers into /usr/x64_headers/include and changed dnsmasq Makefile CFLAGS to have -I the new location.
> At after build, it seemed to have made an impact, as original vs new binary sizes are different - but on a reboot, I still get the warning.
> Is there no way to fix this up?

What version of dnsmasq are you using?



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