[Dnsmasq-discuss] enable-ra problem

Gene Czarcinski gene at czarc.net
Sat Oct 5 15:33:19 BST 2013

I recently had a problem where dnsmasq caused the system to crash by 
filling the syslog with messages related to enable-ra.  My currently 
solution is to not use enable-ra and instead use radvd.  The messages in 
syslog are a pair of the form:
      dnsmasq-dhcp[1029]: RTR-SOLICIT(eth0)
      dnsmasq-dhcp[1029]: RTR-ADVERT(eth0) fd00:1111:2222:18::
with over 1000 pairs in a minute!

1.  Any idea what could cause this?

2.  I believe I can get this is happen "on command" and I can run 
wireshark to look at interfaces.  Should I look at interfaces on the 
system running dnsmasq or on another system on the network?

3.  Could some system external to the system running dnsmasq be doing 
something which causes this to happen?

4.  With radvd it is possible to set the minimum and maximum time 
intervals between sending unsolicited multicast router advertisements.  
Does such a capability exist in dsnamsq?  What interval does dnsmasq use?


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