[Dnsmasq-discuss] CNAME problem in 2.67?

Peter Mattern matternp at arcor.de
Sat Oct 26 20:59:05 BST 2013


there's imho a problem affecting CNAMEs in dnsmasq 2.67.
I stumbled across this on ArchLinux i686 running the distro's version
and thereupon did some tests on another ArchLinux box without the
distro's package, where I installed dnsmasq 2.66 or 2.67 from the
sources by make && make install, used dnsmasq.conf.example from the
archive changing only the settings mentioned below and ran dnsmasq
simply as dnsmasq -k. The upstream nameserver was IPv4 only.

So say /etc/hosts contains an entry
and in dnsmasq.conf there are
then both foo.bar.invalid and bar.invalid will be resolved just fine
after (re-) starting dnsmasq. In the log, there's
           query[A] bar.invalid from
           config bar.invalid is <CNAME>
But if I simply ssh to another host (other triggers untested), dnsmasq
will not resolv bar.invalid any longer. This time, the log says
           query[A] bar.invalid from
           config bar.invalid is NXDOMAIN-IPv4
           query[A] bar.invalid.<domain> from
           forwarded bar.invalid.<domain> to <IP>
where <domain> corresponds to the domain line in resolv.conf and IP is
the one from the upstream name server.
As a side note I was wondering if the latter forwarding, or actually
adding the domain, shouldn't have been prevented by the said local

2.66 didn't show this behaviour.
If more information should be needed, please let me know.


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