[Dnsmasq-discuss] Need some example for ipv6 dhcp mode(ra-only, slaac, ra-names, ra-stateless)

Da Zhao Y Yu dzyu at cn.ibm.com
Mon Nov 11 07:56:51 GMT 2013


Now I was a bit confused about IPv6 dhcp mode, such as ra-only, slaac, 
ra-names, ra-stateless,  whether have some guys can give me some example 
about it?

I want to use IPv6 stateless address autoconfiguration function via 
dnsmasq server, but I do not know the difference between ra-only, slaac, 
ra-names and ra-stateless? Who can give me some example about it, thanks!

For example, one host's mac address is 00:12:34:00:AB:CD, base on the 
method of automatically generation IPv6 address(EUI-64), if the dhcp mode 
was set to ra-only, then how much is the destination IPv6 address? if the 
dhcp mode was set to ra-names, what is the result? how about "slaac" and 
"ra-stateless"? All of the IPv6 address is same?

Thanks & Best Regards
Yu Da Zhao(于大钊)
Cloud Solutions & OpenStack Development
China Systems & Technology Laboratory in Beijing
Email: dzyu at cn.ibm.com
Tel:   (86)10-82450677
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