[Dnsmasq-discuss] Need some example for ipv6 dhcp mode(ra-only, slaac, ra-names, ra-stateless)

mudrunka at spoje.net mudrunka at spoje.net
Mon Nov 11 13:57:58 GMT 2013

Unfortunately DHCPv6 does not use MAC adresses, but rather software 
defined string called DUID.
However better documentation and examples of dnsmasq configs for 
various DHCPv6 usecases would be great.

Dne 11.11.2013 09:56, Da Zhao Y Yu napsal:
> Hi,
> Now I was a bit confused about IPv6 dhcp mode, such as ra-only,
> slaac, ra-names, ra-stateless, whether have some guys can give me 
> some
> example about it?
> I want to use IPv6 stateless address autoconfiguration function via
> dnsmasq server, but I do not know the difference between ra-only,
> slaac, ra-names and ra-stateless? Who can give me some example about
> it, thanks!
> For example, one host's mac address is 00:12:34:00:AB:CD, base on the
> method of automatically generation IPv6 address(EUI-64), if the dhcp
> mode was set to RA-ONLY, then how much is the destination IPv6
> address? if the dhcp mode was set to RA-NAMES, what is the result? 
> how
> about "slaac" and "ra-stateless"? All of the IPv6 address is same?
> Thanks & Best Regards
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