[Dnsmasq-discuss] DhcpV6 how to send prefixlen and default route

Roy Marples roy at marples.name
Mon Nov 25 11:57:54 GMT 2013

On 23/11/2013 14:06, dnsmasq.bertrandb at dfgh.net wrote:
> Hello,
> Alwas some problems with my /97 prefix ...
> on the client side dhclient say the prefix is /64
> the router advertissement is ok with ridsc6 i see that i have /97 
> prefix
> in dhcp no option for prefixlen seems possible
> Is a trick exists ?

DHCPv6 has no prefix or routing notation.

As such any address not derived from a Prefix Delegation has to use /128 
for a prefix.
dhcpcd does this and NetworkManager just dis-regards any dhclient 
returning information, also forcing a /128 prefix for the address.

If you require your hosts to be on the same IPv6 subnet then you'll need 
to advertise the /64 (or whatever) prefix in the RA and turn off the
ND_OPT_PI_FLAG_AUTO option. In rtadvd.conf(5) you can set 
pinfoflags="l", or rtadv I think the config option is AdvAutonomous off.
I don't know the dnsmasq config option for this :/



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