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Roy Marples roy at marples.name
Sat Dec 7 00:02:06 GMT 2013

On 06/12/2013 21:37, Simon Kelley wrote:
> It fails at startup? I can't reproduce that. What's the exact message?

Ahem. A buggy config. my bad!

>> Secondly, this works via DHCPv4, but doesn't work for DHCPv6. How can 
>> I
>> debug this? Wireshark shows a correct trace with the same enterprise
>> number as the DHCPv4 trace.
>> By work dhcpcd sets:
>> new_frobozzco_maze_location='It is pitch black. You are likely to be
>> eaten by a grue.'
> The relevant code for DHCPv6 has likely never been used in anger, so
> it's not inconceivable that it's buggy.
> Are you simply missing the OPTION_VENDOR_OPTS option in the reply?
> Looking at the code, if there's an OPTION_ORO, then OPTION_VENDOR_OPTS
> must appear in it, unless you use dhcp-option-force.

Yes, that's essentially it. The option is missing in the reply.
Here's a DHCPv4 and DHCPv6 trace.

I've not had time to peruse the dnsmasq source to try and fix and 
probably won't for a little while so hopefully it's an easy fix or you 
can tell me what I did wrong :)


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