[Dnsmasq-discuss] Scalability of DNS blackhole configuration?

Mike Lee curby+forums at cur.by
Thu Feb 16 19:19:19 GMT 2017

Hi folks, I'm redirecting undesirable domains to a "black hole" to prevent
normal DNS resolution.

Specifically, I have this line in my dnsmasq.conf:


That file in turn has multiple lines of the form:


I just recently added a new source of domains from malwaredomains.com, and
my blackhole.conf has now ballooned to roughly 20k lines.  Those 20k lines
appear to consume about 3MB of memory.  The daemon appears to be running
fine, but memory aside, for future reference is there a practical or hard
limit to how this type of configuration will scale?  Will it gracefully
handle 200k such domain configuration lines? 2M lines?


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