[Dnsmasq-discuss] OT client q: both static and dhcp

wkitty42 at gmail.com wkitty42 at gmail.com
Sun Jun 27 18:48:13 UTC 2021

On 6/27/21 1:01 PM, Carl Karsten wrote:
> If I do not have access to the venue network, then my networking needs are just 
> my 2 devices.  This is the  case I am trying to provide for, without having to edit
> a config file.  the Opsis PC is often headless,  so editing is done via ssh from 
> the voctomix pc, which is hard if the 2 don't have networking setup.

put another NIC in it and dedicat that NIC to your management access... assign 
it an IP in a weird RFC1918 block and you should be ok... this way you can 
always access it even if the other general purpose NIC is not connected to a 
network... never connect this dedicated NIC to any other network outside of your 
complete control... be sure to carry a crossover cable with you so you can 
connect that NIC with the one in your other device... in fact, you might want to 
use a dedicated management NIC in both devices so they can be set up with 
specific static IPs and always be accessible to each other...

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