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On Mon, Jun 28, 2021 at 7:07 AM <wkitty42 at gmail.com> wrote:

> On 6/27/21 3:26 PM, Carl Karsten wrote:
> > On Sun, Jun 27, 2021 at 2:12 PM <wkitty42 at gmail.com> wrote:
> >
> >     put another NIC in it and dedicat that NIC to your management
> access... assign
> >     it an IP in a weird RFC1918 block and you should be ok... this way
> you can
> >     always access it even if the other general purpose NIC is not
> connected to a
> >     network...
> >
> > how is this better than my current solution?
> because the two management NICs and crossover cable are your own and can
> be set
> so you always have access no matter what the other network is if you even
> have
> access to another network at the time...
> in other words, you will always have your own separate and private network
> between your two devices no matter if there is any other network
> connection on
> the other NICs... this solution is a separation of your devices connection
> between themselves and any other network... it provides you a dedicated
> connection between your two devices always...

That isn't better, it is equivalent.

> >     never connect this dedicated NIC to any other network outside of your
> >     complete control...
> >
> > That means I can't use venu lan and have to run my own cables.
> Sometimes I run
> > my own cable, but If I don't have to it is nice to jack into existing
> wiring.
> no... you still use the venue cabling for the regular connections... the
> NICs
> i'm speaking of are solely for your use between your two machines and
> solely for
> your use in managing your two machines when you may have to reconfigure
> them for
> a new network on the other NIC... if this reconfiguring is not needed, it
> still
> provides you a dedicated network between the two machines without any
> other
> traffic from any other network... your command and control stays within
> your
> private network and the traffic you generate that needs to go externally
> does so
> on the existing NICs and venue cabling...

Normally there is no command and control traffic.

It is kinda like a wireless AP, or a dedicated router: you connect once to
configure it, and then you rely on it just working.
Currently the config is done in a factory setting and I expect it to work
when I deploy it in the wild.

The factory is either my house, hotel room or a room at the venue, and wild
is where a lecture is being presented.

This might help describe how the machines are being used:

> >     be sure to carry a crossover cable with you so you can
> >     connect that NIC with the one in your other device..
> >
> > "Newer routers, hubs and switches (including some 10/100, and all
> 1-gigabit or
> > 10-gigabit devices in practice) use auto MDI-X for 10/100 Mbit
> connections to
> > automatically switch to the proper configuration once a cable is
> connected."
> > https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Medium-dependent_interface#Auto-MDIX
> that's all fine and good if you get NICs that can do that... i prefer to
> be sure
> to have all the possibly necessary tools in my bag of majik tricks... i've
> learned the hard way over the 30+ years i've been doing support in the
> industry...
> >     . in fact, you might want to
> >     use a dedicated management NIC in both devices so they can be set up
> with
> >     specific static IPs and always be accessible to each other...
> >
> > More hardware and more cables and make sure the right cables go to the
> right
> > hardware.  this does not sound better ;)
> you'll never know without trying it but first you need to be able to
> visualize
> it and the separation it brings... i mean, you're only talking about maybe
> another $30US investment in two NICs and another cable or two... so it
> isn't
> that expensive... and if your two machines are placed close together (as i
> assume them to be) then a 3foot to 6foot cable is all that is needed
> between the
> two NICs... and you can easily mark the NICs with RED coloring as well as
> your
> cable with RED so you know the RED ones are the ones that get connected...
The machines are at the front and back of a lecture hall.  or a meeting
room,  so the distance varies.

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