[Dnsmasq-discuss] OT client q: both static and dhcp

wkitty42 at gmail.com wkitty42 at gmail.com
Mon Jun 28 12:07:37 UTC 2021

On 6/27/21 3:26 PM, Carl Karsten wrote:
> On Sun, Jun 27, 2021 at 2:12 PM <wkitty42 at gmail.com> wrote:
>     put another NIC in it and dedicat that NIC to your management access... assign
>     it an IP in a weird RFC1918 block and you should be ok... this way you can
>     always access it even if the other general purpose NIC is not connected to a
>     network...
> how is this better than my current solution?

because the two management NICs and crossover cable are your own and can be set 
so you always have access no matter what the other network is if you even have 
access to another network at the time...

in other words, you will always have your own separate and private network 
between your two devices no matter if there is any other network connection on 
the other NICs... this solution is a separation of your devices connection 
between themselves and any other network... it provides you a dedicated 
connection between your two devices always...

>     never connect this dedicated NIC to any other network outside of your
>     complete control... 
> That means I can't use venu lan and have to run my own cables.  Sometimes I run 
> my own cable, but If I don't have to it is nice to jack into existing wiring.

no... you still use the venue cabling for the regular connections... the NICs 
i'm speaking of are solely for your use between your two machines and solely for 
your use in managing your two machines when you may have to reconfigure them for 
a new network on the other NIC... if this reconfiguring is not needed, it still 
provides you a dedicated network between the two machines without any other 
traffic from any other network... your command and control stays within your 
private network and the traffic you generate that needs to go externally does so 
on the existing NICs and venue cabling...

>     be sure to carry a crossover cable with you so you can
>     connect that NIC with the one in your other device..
> "Newer routers, hubs and switches (including some 10/100, and all 1-gigabit or 
> 10-gigabit devices in practice) use auto MDI-X for 10/100 Mbit connections to 
> automatically switch to the proper configuration once a cable is connected." 
> https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Medium-dependent_interface#Auto-MDIX

that's all fine and good if you get NICs that can do that... i prefer to be sure 
to have all the possibly necessary tools in my bag of majik tricks... i've 
learned the hard way over the 30+ years i've been doing support in the industry...

>     . in fact, you might want to
>     use a dedicated management NIC in both devices so they can be set up with
>     specific static IPs and always be accessible to each other...
> More hardware and more cables and make sure the right cables go to the right 
> hardware.  this does not sound better ;)

you'll never know without trying it but first you need to be able to visualize 
it and the separation it brings... i mean, you're only talking about maybe 
another $30US investment in two NICs and another cable or two... so it isn't 
that expensive... and if your two machines are placed close together (as i 
assume them to be) then a 3foot to 6foot cable is all that is needed between the 
two NICs... and you can easily mark the NICs with RED coloring as well as your 
cable with RED so you know the RED ones are the ones that get connected...

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