[Dnsmasq-discuss] [EXTERNAL] Re: Badly formatted "dhcp-boot=" line crashes dnsmsaq 2.85

Greg Wickham greg.wickham at kaust.edu.sa
Thu Aug 5 18:19:59 UTC 2021

Hi Matthias,

The OS is CentOS 7.9 on x86_64

Today I tried to re-create the issue and as you found it wasn't reproducible. I had made substantial changes to the dnsmasq.conf since the issue was reported.

I ran out of time today, but I'll have another go early next week and try to find the root (configuration) cause.


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    > But I did also try 2.85 before submitting this report and it crashes
    > whilst parsing the configuration file:
    > # /tmp/dnsmasq-2.85/src/dnsmasq -k -p0
    > Segmentation fault
    > #

    Greg, this appears to be insufficient information to reproduce the issue
    for me. What else is in your configuration? What operating system,
    version, architecture etc. are you on? What distribution?


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