[Dnsmasq-discuss] Extremely long startup times when using libidn2 (and proposed fix)

Gustaf Ullberg gustaf.ullberg at gmail.com
Mon Sep 6 13:27:37 UTC 2021

Hi Simon and dnsmasq contributors,

I am running dnsmasq with a blocklist from

I have noticed that building dnsmasq with libidn2 support (which my distro
does) can cause extreme slowdowns. The slowdowns seem to come from the call
to idn2_to_ascii_lz in canonicalise() being very slow.

idn2_to_ascii_lz is run on every domain name in the blocklist to encode
special characters, and this is surprisingly slow even when there are no
special characters. I developed a patch (attached to this email) that
checks a domain name for other characters than . - a-z 0-9. If any such
character is found, the domain name will be encoded. If no such character
is found the domain name will not be encoded (as encoding won't change it).
This removes most of the overhead of using libidn2. Unless you find any
problems with this approach, I wish the patch can be mainlined.

Some benchmarks on a Raspberry Pi (slow, but probably not an uncommon
device for running dnsmasq) running ArchLinux and dnsmasq git master:

# Without libidn2: Acceptable speed
> make
> time ./src/dnsmasq -C dnsmasq.blacklist.txt --test
dnsmasq: syntax check OK.

real 0m3.699s
user 0m3.468s
sys 0m0.200s

# With libidn2: To slow to be usable
> time ./src/dnsmasq -C dnsmasq.blacklist.txt --test
dnsmasq: syntax check OK.

real 1m6.921s
user 0m59.509s
sys 0m0.606s

# With libidn2 and attached patch: Back to acceptable speed
> git am 0001-Avoid-IDN-translations-when-not-needed.patch
> time ./src/dnsmasq -C dnsmasq.blacklist.txt --test
dnsmasq: syntax check OK.

real 0m3.903s
user 0m3.643s
sys 0m0.219s

Best regards,
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