[Dnsmasq-discuss] Make selective changes to the cache

Petr Menšík pemensik at redhat.com
Fri Sep 24 23:00:49 UTC 2021

Hi Ulrich,

Why would you like to modify cache?

Would it make sense to be able to add runtime --address=/test/:: like
entries instead? Of course adding that later should flush any related
subtree from cache.

It can be done via dbus already, I am not sure if it flushes cache if
new subdomain entry for --server is added.

It would be nice if dbus-controlled flush of cache subtree were
possible. But I think dnsmasq usually does not have so big cache to care
about few lost entries when flushing it all. It does not even cache all
record types, just a selected set of types. Do you validate DNSSEC? It
might help only with DNSSEC records, if cached entry is wrong.


On 9/18/21 23:49, Ulrich Wexler via Dnsmasq-discuss wrote:
> Hello dnsmasq,
> I would like to request the ability to make selective changes to the
> dnsmasq cache, i.e. adding and removing entries. Right now I have to
> flush the cache to make changes, which is wasteful.
> Best Regards
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