[Dnsmasq-discuss] Is it possible to merge host names on two Dnsmasq instances?

Glen Huang heyhgl at gmail.com
Wed Sep 29 02:16:00 UTC 2021


I have a router and a dump AP that are connected with a wire. The router has two interfaces, one is for LAN ( and the other for WAN. The AP also has two interfaces, one is for LAN (, the other for guest WiFi ( (It actually also has a LAN WiFi, but it shouldn’t be relevant in this case.)

Dnsmasq runs both on the router and the AP. On the router, it provides DHCP and DNS, combined, for LAN. On the AP, only DHCP is enabled for the guest WiFi interface to provide for clients.

My question is that with this setup, LAN clients won’t be able to resolve host names on the guest WiFi, since the router Dnsmasq is not cognizant of them, and it seems impossible for the router to take over guest WiFi’s DHCP, since it’s based on AP’s interfaces, so is there a way to automatically “merge" the host names on both Dnsmasq instances? If not, what would be an elegant setup to make it work?


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