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"How To Ask Questions The Smart Way" has immediately after the introduction
an advice on before you ask.  http://www.catb.org/esr/faqs/smart-questions.html#before 

Following that advice is still no guarantee for  a quick response.
So when you are still stuck with something that you think it is dnsmasq
related, you have to make more effort.

Greatest challenge is most likely being persistent in solving the
problem. ( Not being persistent in demanding an answer )

The dnsmasq man page is feature complete. And known as hard to read for
those who are new to it. But still do read it and try to understand it.
Reading it again is known being effective for getting better
understanding. Find a copy of it in source code of dnsmasq
and read it by `man man/dnsmasq.8`, or when installed by `man dnsmasq`
or at https://dnsmasq.org/docs/dnsmasq-man.html

Pattern seen on the mailing list is unawareness of
network-server-client-model. Expressing such problems is indeed hard,
but also the road to a solution. Know that you are the main stake holder
of the problem that you are facing. The highest reward for
finding a solution goes to you. Keep the eco system that you are
consulting healthy by sharing also your success stories.

Avoid "DNS doesn't work",  make it "My DNS client gets odd replies
from dnsmasq", "My DNS requests don't get forwarded" or another
non-generic issue.

Use real DNS tools like `dig` or `host` instead of `ping`.

A `.pcap`-file that can be fetched with `wget`
is preferred above (email program malformed) output
of `tcpdump` or `wireshark`.

Dnsmasq is a mature project, meaning not often a release.
However we constantly want to improve. Yes, patches welcome.

Patches are not always reviewed within three days.
Retransmit of your review request after eight days is not too pushy.

Aim for common interest. If you find it here, fine.
If you cannot find it here, you might found a clue for looking elsewhere
on "common interest".

Do know there are real humans behind the email addresses.

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