[Dnsmasq-discuss] DHCPv6 Prefix delegation

mudrunka at spoje.net mudrunka at spoje.net
Mon Oct 7 22:18:56 BST 2013

is it possible to do prefix delegation using DHCPv6 in dnsmasq?

I'd really like to do this. i am using dnsmasq to successfully serve 
network with 2000+ clients, but now i need to support IPv6 too, but all 
of these client router devices (running Mikrotik RouterOS) does not 
understand DHCPv6 address assignment, they only understand DHCPv6 prefix 
delegation (and if they need single address, they just take it from 
delegated prefix). And i don't even need such thing as assigning single 
address as i have link-local adresses and SLAAC. What i really need is 
prefix delegation.

I've tried this:


and the RouterOS DHCPv6 client completely ignored it... Is it possible 
to get prefix delegation feature in dnsmasq?


Best regards

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