[Dnsmasq-discuss] Nonstandard Formatting?

Carson Riker c at rson.riker.me
Thu Sep 16 20:19:57 UTC 2021

Hi All,

New to the project, but I looked through the source and found a lot of what seemed to be inconsistent formatting style. I read the FAQ and anything else I could find, but I couldn't locate a style guide.

Specifically, there seemed to be a lot of mixed spaces and tabs. For example, seems to have interspersed blocks of tabs and spaces. Several other files showed the same structure.

Is there some pattern I am missing, or is it just not standardized. On that note, would a PR standardizing things be welcome? I know I hate when someone drive-by PRs a bunch of formatting without understanding what's going on.

Thanks for your time,
Carson Riker
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